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The Pastor’s Corner

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice,    


It is hard to believe that August is already upon us, as I write this, only one month of summer remains before school starts again. Already the harvest of hay has begun, some are already on a second cutting. The corn is growing by leaps and bounds, some of it is already over seven feet tall. The geese along highway 15 are growing too, they now look like miniature versions of their parents. It has been a beautiful summer, however much too humid for my tastes.

            We have been on a concentrated prayer time during our normal Sunday School hour for the last month for our Vacation Bible School. We are praying for good attendance, lives and hearts to be changed, and lots of kids to either come to faith for the first time or for rededications, and for good weather during the week. The building is ready, we as the Lord’s servants are getting ready for a great VBS. Let’s not forget to lift up our Sunday School program start up for the month of September we have kick-off on Sept. 8th and the first day of Sunday School class on the 15th.

The adult class will spend at least the first four sessions of Sunday School studying the various millennial viewpoints in preparation for the Annual meeting in October where hopefully we will affirm the 2008 statement of faith of the EFCA.  We have the opportunity to affirm one of three statements of faith, the 1950 statement of faith which was adopted at the formation of the Evangelical Free Church of America when the Danish/Norwegian Evangelical Free church and the Swedish Mission Church merged, the 2008 revision which addressed issues that were not present in 1950 and condensed the statement of faith from 12 points to 10 points while still retaining the pre-millennial language, or the 2019 revision of the statement of faith which removes the pre-millennial language from article 9 and replaces it with the word, glorious. What are the implications of this? Come and find out at our adult Sunday School class.

As we can see from the present political climate in our country, and the increasing tensions between the U. S., the U.K. and other countries with Iran, we know that Iran will have a key role in end time events along with Russia. Iran has vowed in the past to wipe Israel off the map if possible. We see the increased destruction of the unborn and the embracing of lifestyles that God has said are sinful. We must, as always, be ready should Jesus come for His church, as He has promised to do and He will do so as a thief in the night. Our call as a church is to ready for His return by not allowing ourselves to embrace the world, which always wants to press us into its mold. Wednesday nights we have been studying about the God’s judgment on this world, He wants us set apart for Jesus till He comes.