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Pastoral Pondering

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice,

Here we are at the start of a new year tomorrow, and man has it been cold the last week!  And as you read this on Sunday, it will be really cold!  Never fear, it will be warm and toasty at Lake Eunice!  The heat will be on, the lights brightly lit, and warm hearts will fill the sanctuary!  Most of all, Jesus will be here with us in Church as we worship.

Every year, I ask myself the same question, “What are my New Year’s resolutions going to be?”  I don’t know why, they are the same as last year, I haven’t kept one of them yet for the entire year.  However, I brought these two things out in a sermon this year, and I guess if I were to make resolutions again, these will be it.  First of all, that God may be honored and glorified, not only in my life and ministry, but also in the life and ministry of our church.  I pray that all we say and do will bring glory and honor to God, and His Son Jesus Christ.  If we can grab on to that one concept, then our lives will be fulfilled and we will serve Him with joy.

Secondly, as I look at the year-end reports from our Missionaries and also our District Supt. Brian Ferone, what they talk about are the key result areas.  These are goals that they can set that are measurable throughout the year, a sort of yard stick that they can look at to see if they are achieving the  goals they set for themselves.  What goals, or key result areas can we set for ourselves personally to grow in our walk with the Lord, and also as a church?  As we meet next Saturday to have our church-wide planning meeting, these are the things we will talk about.  Take some time out of your busy lives to spend a Saturday with us and help us to plan the coming year.  Above all, pray!  Pray for God’s guidance and leading as we make plans for 2018 that we will follow His plans for our church, and not just our own.  We are an active church, and I believe just as the Lord has used us in awesome ways in 2017, He will do so again and even more so in 2018 if we honor Him first, it’s not about us, it is all about how we can glorify Him through our ministry at Lake Eunice.  With that in mind we will count and celebrate some of those things on Saturday.

As we think about this, our 125th anniversary is coming in June, and plans are well underway for various activities during that time.  See a page in this newsletter that will outline some of the events that are already planned.  I am so grateful that the Lord has kept Lake Eunice around all these years and what a lighthouse we have been during that time.  May we continue to do so for many years to come.  It hasn’t always been an easy road, but He has always been faithful to us.  May we be always as faithful to Him as He is with us.  Pastor Dale