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Pondering From the Pastor

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice

Time for my monthly field and farm report, I have noticed in my travels back and forth to church that there are some real small fawns that have been born recently. They aren’t any bigger than an average size German Shepherd and sure are cute as they prance around with the does. The baby geese and ducks are growing by leaps and bounds and there are some small bunnies showing up. It is lots of fun to see the wildlife as long as they aren’t in front of my car!

             I was totally taken by surprise, as everyone is, by the sudden death of Roger Viker. It brings to mind once more what I have mentioned from the pulpit many times. You need to be 100% certain of your salvation. We are all only one heartbeat away from eternity at any moment, you need to be ready if eternity should come to you as quickly as it did for Roger. One second he was working in the garage attached to his house, the next second he was in eternity. He was ready, are all of you? There was no time for a last second conversion for Roger. Death came instantly. What makes us ready should eternity come for us like that? That our relationship with the Lord Jesus is secure, that we are born again and our sins are washed clean, then we are ready. Please be in prayer for Joy, Melissa, Steve and the family as they try to process this sudden and unexpected loss.

            We are looking forward to a wonderful VBS this year, with an African theme by Group Publishing again this year called, “Roar!” Lots of help is needed in the month of July to complete the decorating, we will be decorating every Saturday in July, also for volunteers to help during the week of VBS, if you can help in any way, see Pat for decorating or Jessica Skogen for anything else. It’s not just about making a fun VBS, but also that many children will attend and find the Lord Jesus Christ. Please be in earnest prayer for that week, July 28th through August 1st, also please invite area kids to show up and can we set a goal of 80 kids attending? It can only be done as each of us do our part to spread the word. Also, if you can help with expenses to offset the cost of VBS it would be greatly appreciated by our Sunday School Dept. Above all be in prayer for our VBS program that it would be wildly successful!

            I am already thinking about Adult Sunday School class for the fall, and I am at a loss at this point as to what to teach for adult class. I feel that the Story and Believe were very well done, so what is next for us? Please be in prayer with me for direction that our Adult class can go and what to study for the fall so when fall comes, we can hit the ground running in September. Can you believe it is already July, and July 4th is just around the corner?      Pastor Dale