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Pondering From the Pastor

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice,

Where did the summer go? We find ourselves in the depth what is soon the end of the fall season, the leaves are falling like rain, and soon we will be back to brown grass and bare trees. We know what is next after that! The deer are already sporting their winter coats, but the leaves this last week have been spectacular! It has been an exciting couple of weeks here at Lake Eunice with the addition of a new steeple thanks to a gift from our friend Larry Backlund and his brother Ron. With all the media attention we’ve gotten, it hopefully will give way to many more ministry opportunities. It sure was fun to watch the big crane lift the sections into place. Steeples point to the Lord, and the focus of our ministry has always to point to Jesus as the Lord and Master of our church, and teach others about Him. We have been given a critical mission of handing down the word of God unchanged to the next generation. In light of this, what will the next year, or the next five years bring for us at Lake Eunice?

            As we begin a new fiscal year October 1st with our Annual Meeting on the 18th, we look forward to planning a successful 2020-2021 year. All that the pandemic has taken away from not only us, but the entire country hasn’t stopped our ministry from going forward, from preaching of the word online, to Voice of the Martyrs action packs, to school supplies for our area children, to the largest offering ever for the Becker County Food Pantry. I am also grateful for the Nominating Committee that has worked very hard this last week to secure nominations for the coming year. I’ve mentioned this before several times that I see our church and the ministries of our church as wall-building ministries as we help to build the wall of the truth of the gospel and good Christian morals in our community, and around the world. That will continue to be our focus for the coming years. How do we build wall building ministries one brick or one stone at a time? By doing what we’ve always done. Our Missionaries are doing the same around the world, reaching people for Christ and building relationships that hopefully bear fruit for the kingdom.

            It was interesting in our first Sunday School class which focused on the culture in our own country, Brooklyn New York and we saw how they see truth as relative truth, the only truth they believe in is that there is no absolute truth. Then last week we looked at Singapore which is very western in it’s makeup and the last couple interviewed who are missionaries said, “You can’t come in here like Commandos, but there needs to be relationships built/ They are more interested in how you are feeding poor and ministering to others needs. Perhaps it is this way here too? P.D.