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Pondering From the Pastor

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice,

As I write this, the weather has finally turned from November back to October, but not before taking out all of our beautiful fall colors. We knew it would happen. Soon the lakes will freeze up for winter, I actually saw ice on the ponds last week, and the snow will come to stay. Now the time change will happen and it will get dark soooo early!

As you read this, the Annual Meeting will have happened and we will be beginning a new year at Lake Eunice, truth be known, we started our fiscal year October 1st. What a blessing for Pat and I to be able to continue to serve all of you at Lake Eunice. We are blessed! God has been so good to us personally and to our church. I will be excited to see what God has in store for us to serve Him in ways that we cannot even imagine yet. I am excited as our new board and church positions are all filled. Some with the same people, but new ones as well. God has been so faithful to us for the last 125 years, I don’t recon that He will drop the ball now!

One thing I continually remind myself of when fear, frustration, and or any number of various things come at me, it is God who is control, not me, and I am so grateful. We are studying what it means to be an overcomer through the book of Ephesians and we studied the metaphor the Paul uses to describe the church in Eph. 4:15-16 as he calls Jesus the head of the church, and the church the body of Christ. We realize that our bodies cannot function at all without the head, which is the control center for the body. Neither can the church function without its head, which is Jesus Christ. What happens when a church tries to function without Jesus as the head? One person said that it gets stagnant, which will happen, but when the church tries to function without Jesus being the head of the church, then the people of the congregation start to take ownership of the church instead of turning over the church to its rightful owner, which is Jesus. If we take over ownership rights that we don’t have, then when things don’t go our way, we start fighting and bickering, people leave the church in anger, and if the situation isn’t corrected, the church closes.

Thankfully, that is not the issue here at Lake Eunice, Jesus is the head of this church and He will remain its rightful owner. It is He who allows us to continue on here, and He will decide if our work is done. He gets all the glory for what we do and what is accomplished. He has provided a vibrant ministry for us for the next year and we will go forward joyfully in what He has called us to do to the praise of His Glory!  Amen!                      Pastor Dale