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Ponderings from the Pastor

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice,

It is time for my field and farm report. It seems like summer just got here, and already the small grain harvest is well under way. Hay has been cut and baled, and soon soy beans and corn will follow. Wow, we are two weeks away from September as I write this, when you get this, we will only be a couple of days away. I see birds bringing their chicks to the bird feeders, they are as big as the parents, yet they still want the parents to feed them. They sit and flutter their wings and wait for the food to be placed in their mouth. When it doesn’t come fast enough, they go and get it themselves. We see fawns running out on the road who are almost as big as the does. We have to remember, they  young and don’t have a clue yet. They perhaps could not make it to winter if they aren’t careful! Lord, please keep the deer away from our cars. I hit a small deer last week on the North Pearl Lake Rd. with my Mustang, it was a glancing blow, I’m sure it left a mark on the deer, but didn’t kill the deer or the car. PTL!

            We are continuing to plan for Sunday School Rally Day, I hope that you will come and be excited to start up our Sunday School classes again. We will start up Men’s Supper and Breakfasts in September. Hopefully, the pandemic will have settled down some by then. Our Adult Sunday School class will be focusing on a study produced by Our Daily Bread called, “In Pursuit of Jesus.” In the first six weeks of classes, we will look at six different cultures in our world today, this has been produced in 2020 so it is relatively new, the host is a Pastor from Brooklyn, New York whose name is Rasool Berry who goes to various parts of the world including his own city of Brooklyn and finds out how different cultures hear the gospel, truth, and how they relate to one another within their culture. If you google this, you can watch some of the videos online. What can we learn from these cultures? Come and see!

            I see the ministry focus of our church as one of rebuilding the walls of scriptural truth, morality, and biblical knowledge in our community. I see the focus of our church as one of compassionately reaching out to those who need our help, such as the Food Pantry, Voice of the Martyrs, Camp Joy, Faith Christian School, and our various Missionaries who make their needs known to us. How can we focus our efforts that help to educate our young people in the word of God where that knowledge is quickly going away. We have been studying Nehemiah and Ezra to learn how these godly men rebuilt a nation that had strayed far away from following the Lord. It is the same in our culture today. America is quickly moving away from morality and truth. May we all be wall builders right now!  Pastor Dale