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Pondering From the Pastor

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice,

It is hard to believe, but another year is past. We are in the dead of winter, but the good news is that we have had our shortest day of the year, it gets better from here, although it will be another month before we start noticing it! The only field and farm report I can think of is that we had a bumper deer crop this last year as evidenced by the number of fawns that I saw deer hunting. Fully 90% of the deer our party saw was fawns and not much bigger does. It behooves us to watch out for them on the roads, because they are not yet road smart! Even a fawn will cause a big dent! I enjoyed a cartoon of two deer getting their mail and they had another thankyou card from the body shop!

            I ask this question every year, what are your lists of New Year’s resolution for 2020? Is it to spend more time in the Bible? Is it to spend more time in prayer? Is to knock off that list of projects that didn’t get completed last year? Is it to draw closer to the Lord than ever before? We could list a number of things but you get the picture/. I would include all of them on my list, we’ll see how far I get. I like the concept of see this year as our 2020 vision. I am not the first to capitalize on this, however we often say that we can see clearly in our rear view mirror how the Lord has worked in our lives, in our community, and in our church. That certainly is true, but what is the Lord’s vision for Lake Eunice for the coming year?

Will you join us on January 11th at 9:00 a.m. for our yearly planning meeting? If the weather is bad on the 11th, we will meet on the 18th as an alternate day instead. In the meantime, pray for the Lord’s guidance as we don’t just want this to be our vision, we want to have the Lord’s vision for Lake Eunice. Bring a potluck dish to share for lunch, treats and drinks will be provided. We will go as long as necessary to get the calendar finished for the year. A lot of the work has already been done, we need to make corrections if necessary and fill in the remaining details. We always start the day in prayer for all the ministries of the church, which is also a time of rejoicing because we get to see the big picture of all the things we are doing here at Lake Eunice.  I assure you, we are not slackers! We have a lot to offer the community!

Come and be encouraged as we move forward into 2020. The final thing we do is brainstorm for a couple events that we can add in to make our year complete, and maybe we don’t need any more as lots of things are already in the works for the coming year that will help us be even more involved in our community. Looking forward!  P.D.