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Not Enough         Submitted by:   Merilee Ottoson

Do you have a “not enough” area in your life?  What is it for you? Here is my definition of our “not enough” zone.

It is the area(s) of our lives where we feel that we are not good ENOUGH….smart ENOUGH….spiritual ENOUGH….or confident ENOUGH to serve the Lord. It is the perception we have of ourselves that we “don’t have what it takes.” We tell ourselves “forget it…I’d look like a fool” or …..”I don’t measure up” or “I’ll mess this up, so why try?”

God is not looking at our ability. He desires to see our availability! He is God…we are not. If He prompts us to do something, He will also provide the power and wisdom to complete the task.

There is deep joy for us as we follow and obey what God has directed us to do.

In her book, Unstoppable, Christine Caine reminds the reader that Jesus uses seemingly “small things”….such as in the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. He takes the things we offer, blesses and uses them.

(see Luke 9: 12-17 and John 6:5-13)

5 small loaves + 2 small fish = one magnificent meal  that fed over 5,000 people with twelve baskets full as leftovers! SOMEBODY  DO THE MATH!!!!!! (some estimates state that closer to 10,000 people ate that day including women and children) All of this because a young boy offered what he had. He was ready and he made his food available to Jesus. How interesting…..over two thousand years have passed and we still read and remember “the one little boy” who dared to give his “NOT ENOUGH” to Jesus who made it “MORE THAN ENOUGH”!!