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“They Recognized Them….”                                      Merilee  Ottoson 

 The birth of the early church as recorded in the book of Acts is nothing short of stunning!! Beginning with the Ascension of Christ in chapter one, the infilling of the Holy Spirit in the upper room, Peter’s messages to the masses and the healing of the lame beggar; we are given a first-hand account. Following these events, the priests, the captain of the temple guard and Sadducees arrested Peter and John.   They were not happy to see the thousands of people who had heard the message of Christ…..and believed. They asked Peter and John by what power or name they had done “these things”. Peter and John were quick to testify of Jesus and His Power. “As they observed their confidence and understood that they were uneducated and untrained…, they marveled and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus.”(Acts 4:13)

How did they KNOW that Peter and John had been with Jesus? The priests and guards heard their testimony, saw their deeds and felt their passion. No shame. I want to live THAT way. Being recognized as having been with Jesus….. 

What does it mean to “be with” Jesus? What does that look like and how can we do that? Although the Bible does not give us a set prescription, it does give us many principles by which to live. Jude verse 20, “but you beloved, build yourselves up in your most holy faith;”. Jude clearly holds us responsible for helping ourselves grow in our faith! We need to gather with believers…..attending church and Bible studies so that we can be built up as we spend time with them. I could not have graduated from high school or college if I had never opened my textbooks……it is the same with God’s Word. Read it… is Life. Praying can become a constant, open communication with God.  Talk with Him always….everywhere… Desire to follow His leading….quieting our own minds so we can seek Him.  He has so much to teach us…we have so much to learn.


Speak of Jesus often. His work becoming our own. 

Honoring His Word as  Life...  

Making His mission our passion.