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  Submitted by: Merilee Ottoson

Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you, if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”(John 11:40) Jesus’ words to Martha as she and Jesus stood outside the cave where Lazarus had been buried….four days earlier. Within moments, men removed the stone from the entrance and Jesus called Lazarus to rise from the dead….for the glory of God. (see John 11:1-44 for the full account)                                                                                         

Does it seem rather cruel to you that several days earlier, a messenger told Jesus that his friend Lazarus was ill….yet, Jesus chose not to come to their home. In fact, he remained where he was two days longer. Why? Jesus could have come, healed his friend and spared their family and friends the sorrow and grief of death. But…what power and majesty were known as that crowd witnessed a resurrection!!...for the glory of God.

I was in the bagel aisle at a local store, when I had a strange experience. It has taken me a while to process the event. It went like this….with grocery list in hand, I was distinctly impressed by God that I am disposable. Harsh as that seemed…..     I stopped in my tracks…blinked a few times and thought…..“of course”. When I have finished doing all that He has planned out for me to do, I will be done. He holds my life’s breath in His Hands……I will not be in this world any longer than I need to be. In other words, my life should NOT be about me, what I said, what I did, how I helped my family, what I did for my neighbor…….it is all for Him….for His glory. If I think that He needs me, I am wrong. If I think that the world needs me to make a few things “right”, I am wrong.

While I am here I will serve Him and strive to live for Him….being a Light in the dark world. It is all so that others will see Him….and want to know Him. He will not share His Glory with another……….why should He…………there is NO other

Although I don’t know who penned it, this prayer became my own at the age of eighteen. “Let me live my life in such a way, that as others get to know me, they get to know Christ better.”  

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30