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Merilee Ottoson

However:  (adv.)  a word used to introduce an idea that contrasts with something that was just talked about.

However…a small, seemingly insignificant word.  In Daniel chapter 2, we read that King Nebuchadnezzar was troubled by a dream. Calling his magicians and sorcerers (the Chaldeans), he demands that they tell him the dream and what it means. When they are not able to do this, the king becomes very angry and issues a decree that ALL the wise men of Babylon be killed. Daniel hears that news and appeals to the king for time to go to his friends that, together, they might seek the God of heaven for an answer to this “impossible request”. This account of Daniel provides us with steps to take when tough times come.

1. Seek out Godly friends  

2. Pray like your life depends on it (Daniel’s life did depend on it!)

3. Wait!!!!

4. Give glory to God when He answers your prayer!!

“Then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.”(Dan. 2:19)  Daniel went to the king with the dream and interpretation and told him that what he had asked for NO magician or wise man could possibly know. Daniel said to the king,  “However, there is a God in heaven Who reveals mysteries…”(Dan. 2:28) Daniel provided the answers for the king and gave the glory to God.

Aren’t we glad that there IS a God in heaven Who reveals mysteries!!!! The truth is that when you and I have reached the end of ourselves, there is still a God Who knows.

The way is dark and dim, however…there is a God who leads.

A frightening diagnosis, however…there is a God Who heals.

Shattered and broken relationships, however…there is a God Who restores.

Even when things seem broken and no answers are found, we can say with Daniel, “HOWEVER, there IS a God in heaven……”